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Running in a Windows eco-system

IIS, SQL Server, Entity framework, RavenDB, Team Foundation Server, Sharepoint, CRM, NAV Reporting Services


Responsive UI using Bootstrap
Cross-browser support

Servicecentric architecture



CQRS / Eventstore / DDD


Agile methods / Scrum for team system 3

Use of this means we have traceability of a code change to a change request and vice verse

Gated check-ins

We make use of gated check-ins, so code that does not confirm to our coding standards or unit tests will not be checked in

Management System

Clients are provided an incident management system

Ripples in the water – the way to success in Scandinavia

“Contemi has adapted the policy and claims system to our reality, where CRM is the peak of the systems. This has been a decisive factor in achieving success with a unique insurance concept”. These are the words of Managing Director of WaterCircles Norway, Jack Skallerud Bråthen.

Responsible clients

Private insurance services from WaterCircles Norway are designed for and focussed on responsible individuals who arrange for the appropriate care of their possessions and property.

By Invitation Only is Winterbergh’s slogan and working method, where clients recommend services to friends, colleagues and associates they know well and who take the best possible care of their assets. “This has secured excellent growth thus far”, ascertains Managing Director Jack Skallerud Bråthen.

Such persons are identified through co-operation with selected organisations such as Naturvernforbundet and Norsk Hyttelag, and not least recommendations from existing clients. When a client consultant is speaking with a client and is logged in to the policy or claims system, the consultant has at his or her fingertips all relevant information about the client archived in the CRM system, such as profitability, recommendations and the name of the client’s personal advisor. Jack Skallerud Bråthen tells us that the company made the conscious decision to exclude the web solution in Contemi’s solutions. “This is because it’s personal dialogue that is so important to use. It is our genuine wish to talk to the client, and the time our clients are kept waiting on the phone is at an entirely different level – without exception – than in the rest of the branch; less than 9 seconds. When in addition to this we offer environmentally friendly claims settlements, it is by no means surprising that our client base is loyal – and growing day by day”, says the CEO of WaterCircles Norway.

Environmentally friendly claims settlement

WaterCircles’ clients achieve not only very favourable prices and advantageous offers to meet their insurance needs, they also benefit from what we call “smarter environmental claims settlements”. What this translates into in practical terms is for example that a burned out home can be replaced by a more environmentally friendly home. Jack Skallerud Bråthen finds that time and again this option is warmly welcomed. “Absolutely! It provides added value for the client while simultaneously contributing to a more sustainable society. We are proud to have been the first to offer a bicycle as an alternative to a rental car, it’s proof that even a small company can make an appreciable difference. We took a conscious decision to offer environmentally claims settlements from the very start, and our experience has been that our clients genuinely appreciate this. This is also the basis of why we choose to co-operate with suppliers that work on a platform of environmental and social responsibility, and we also ensure that each and every client receives advice on energy conservation in a situation in which he or she must regardless carry out improvements to his or her dwelling or purchase a new vehicle”, he explains.

Telephonic contact with the client. Personal contact with the client is a key factor with both WaterCircles and Winterbergh, and all clients have a personal advisor. “This is why the CRM is at the peak of our IT systems, and that all other systems are adapted to CRM”, says Managing Director Jack Skallerud Bråthen.

A co-operating partner for growth

Contemi has been WaterCircles co-operating partner since its establishment in 2010, and has held responsibility for the supply and implementation of both the policy system and claims system. Integration with the company’s CRM system from Microsoft was a key factor in WaterCircles´ choice of IT supplier. Managing Director Jack Skallerud Bråthen describes it as follows: “The policy and claims systems are business-critical, where up-time, accessibility and functionality must be maintained at the highest possible level. The unique feature of our business model is that information from the CRM system must be available in real time, thus ensuring that each and every client receives personal service and is followed up in the best possible manner. When one applies untraditional thinking in a traditional branch, it is necessary to also have a co-operating partner in IT who is also willing to and capable of thinking untraditionally. This is why we chose to work with Contemi.

Their consultants demonstrated the will and ability to develop solutions that suited our business model, and were at all times focussed on the future when dealing with our actual and potential challenges. At the same time the company supplies up-to-date solutions with excellent scalability, thus ensuring that we will not be hindered by limitations or barriers to our planned growth. This is a key factor in ensuring that WaterCircles achieves its growth ambitions in Scandinavia in the immediate future”, says Bråthen in closing.

About Watercircles and Winterbergh insurance companies

Both companies offer private insurance services to selected client groups on the basis of invitations to join the “the privileged circle”. WaterCircles and Winterbergh were established in Norway in 2010, and use If as their insurance partner. 15,000 Norwegians are insured through the two companies; with the total number of clients throughout Scandinavia is currently approximately 50,000 and growing.

Partner co-operation means growth for Vardia

Vardia has experienced year-on-year growth since the company was founded in 2009, and in 2014 the company was floated on the stock exchange. Contemi’s solutions have contributed to growth since day one, a fact that Vice Managing Director Rune Olsen Arneberg is very pleased with.

Solutions adapted to the business model

Rune Olsen Arneberg tells us that the main reason for choosing Contemi’s solutions was because they were adapted to newly-established companies both technologically and in their they were adapted to newly-established companies both technologically and in their costing.

Vardia has achieved strong growth during the past few years and was listed on the stock exchange in 2014. Vice Managing Director Rune Olsen Arneberg is pleased with the choice of Contemi as co-operating partner from day one.

“In retrospect our experience shows that it was a good choice. There is no doubt whatsoever that Contemi’s solutions are the perfect match to our business model, with our active use of call centres and co-operation with major membership organisations being key factors. In addition to this it is obvious that Contemi is a well run company with skilled co-workers and that the solutions offered are based on a state of the art platform that is undergoing constant development. When in addition to all this the company is able to demonstrate that it is more than capable of tailoring solutions to our model and rate of growth, it is easy to see that we chose the right partner for our most critical IT solutions”, finishes Arneberg.

Six years of growth

Vardia has enjoyed vigorous growth, and the company was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in April 2014. Our insurance portfolio has passed 1 billion kroner, and our aim is to exceed three billions in 2016. We offer services to private and commercial sector clients throughout Scandinavia, from our head office in Oslo and call centres in ten locations throughout Scandinavia. Through co-operation with organisations such as BBL, Mekonomen, OK and

“There is no doubt whatsoever that Contemi’s solutions are the perfect match for our business model, where the active use of call centres and co-operation with major membership organisations are key features.Vardia has major growth ambitions for the years ahead, and a leading edge IT platform from Contemi is a vital element in achieving our aims.”
Rune Olsen Arnebergbr
Vice Managing Director of Vardia

Fjordkraft, the company has gained access to new client groups in that which Vardia defines as key areas.

“In the case of private market insurance we focus on clients in the 30 to 65 year range, and in the commercial sector on small and medium companies. In the case of the membership organisations we co-operate with the insurances we offer are perceived as part of the organisation’s own solution, but it is nonetheless Vardia that is the provider. We implement a web-based application for all client groups that provides the individual client with a web gateway for insurance services. It is vital when working in a highly competitive branch operating on small margins that all business-critical systems are fully suited to our method of working. There is no doubt whatsoever that this is the case with Contemi”, says Rune Olsen Arneberg.

Automated solutions

During the course of 2015 Vardia will be transferred to Contemi’s solutions in version 2.0.

The active use of call centres is a key feature of Vardia’s business model.

The Vardia boss has great expectations to that the change will further increase the efficiency of the company’s operations and will provide even better insurance products for its clients.

“Our clients will have access to digital services on a number of platforms, including – but not limited to – tablets and smart phones, and we will have more interactive communications solutions, for example chat functions and improved functionality in attaching images to claims settlements. Even though we have probably expended 2 to 3 man years in the development of the new version, we are in no doubt that this was a step in the right direction. Claims handling is for example an area where we envisage the automation of the simplest settlements. All in all we fully anticipate being in a position to offer improved client service while at the same time

Vardia Insurance Group ASA

The Vardia Insurance Group ASA is a Norwegian non-life insurance company with its main focus on service and the distribution of insurance products in the fields Private and small/medium business. The Vardia Group consists of Vardia Insurance Group ASA and the subsidiaries Vardia Forsikring AS (Norway), Vardia Försäkring AB (Sweden), Vardia Forsikringsagentur A/S (Denmark), Vardia Agencies AS (Norway), and Vardia Eksterne Kanaler (Norway). The group has approximately 450 employees distributed between offices in Oslo, Sortland, Hamar, Molde, Lysaker, Porsgrunn, Stockholm, Luleå, Skellefteå, Sundsvall, Copenhagen and Aalborg. Vardia’s concept is unique, and the company is currently experiencing a considerable growth in the demand for the company’s services. Strong growth through the Scandinavian marketplace is forecast for the years ahead.