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Case Study 1: Partner co-operation means growth for Vardia

Sales Portal & App

Context Sales Portal is a solution that combines open source content management systems with proprietary components, enabling P&C insurers to leverage legacy systems to execute direct sales with customers over web and mobile channels.

Key Features:

  • Rapid deployment of new direct sales channels.
  • Easily launch new branded and co-branded insurance sales channels.
  • Business users able to edit main direct sales websites.
  • Business users able to build customer sales process.
  • Easily enable legacy systems to sell insurance online.

The Context Sales Portal uses open source content management systems such as Umbraco and Joomla to render the direct sales portal. Using native features in the content management systems, commonly available third party modules and our own proprietary modules, the Context Sales Portal is able to offer customer direct sales on the web via standard browser and mobile devices.

In addition the module also offers the following MySite features:

  • Secure access for customer to "My Site" portal
  • Insurance Quote Creation and retrieval
  • Quote Purchase
  • Online access to all insurance documentation
  • Claims reporting. First notification of loss, including uploading of photographs

Business users can edit standard content of site, using conventional content management features of Joomla.


CRM allows you to easily manage your insurance customers. It provides a complete view of your relationship with the customer across all product lines, claims, payments and communications – bringing you truly close to your customers.

Key Features:

  • Customer management.
  • Single customer view across product lines.
  • Lead management. Enable following up leads and referrals.
  • Campaigns. Administer sales, marketing or communication campaign.

The Contemi Context platform contains a set of CRM features, but also seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Manage your insurance customers
  • Provide a central system for all staff and intermediaries involved in insurance sales and servicing of customers
  • Enable following up leads and referrals
  • Administer sales, marketing or communication campaigns
At a glance an operator can view:
  • Recent Customer Interactions
  • Customers Active policies and covers
  • All claims made by the customer and their status
  • Payment history and current status
  • Customer Key Performance Indicators
Targeted & Effective Marketing campaigns

Combining the sales power of Microsoft CRM and the Context Policy module you can produce targeted and effective sales and marketing campaigns

  • Natural-language queries to automate the segmenting of prospects, leads or customers
  • Rule-based mail-merge capabilities can be utilised to initiate a marketing campaign with mass communication
  • The performance of each campaign can be tracked and measured with built-in KPIs
  • Defined effective and proven campaign templates for your use


The Context Policy module offers full policy lifecycle management for both Private Lines and Commercial lines Insurance products.

Key Features:

  • Proven track record.
  • Web based.
  • Multiple distribution models.
  • Supporting all standard policy management processes.
  • Service based integration.
  • Cloud ready.
  • Secure & Scalable.
  • Multi-tenant platform.
  • Streamlined & intuitive screens for low training times.

The Context policy module offers:

  • Full web based policy administration solution supporting all standard policy management processes (quote, policy purchase, mid-term adjustments and renewals.
  • Complete support for call centre management and customer self-service.
  • Multiple distribution models can be supported, such as Direct Sales, Broker, Affinity, Call Center, Aggregation Sites
  • Powerful Product Builder enables you to build and go live with products
  • Rapid deployment: Deploy new sales models and channels in days not weeks
  • Lower Training Time for Users by utilizing familiar and widely used Microsoft Technologies
  • Ultra flexible product configuration allows you to easily construct simple and complex product and cover combinations for both commercial and private lines insurance.
  • Leverage best of breed: Using service based integration you can easily use Context Policy with your existing claims, customer management and accounting solutions.


The Context Policy module offers full policy lifecycle management for both Private Lines and Commercial lines Insurance products.

Key Features:

  • Web based.
  • Multiple policy sources.
  • Supporting all standard claims management processes.
  • Service based integration.
  • Cloud ready.
  • Streamlined & intuitive screens.

Context Claims has the following functions and features:

  • Claims registration (including policy and customer information retrieval and validation from Context Policy and CRM modules), including IBNR and FNOL.
  • Full claims processing including: reserving, settlement of all claims, as well as management of assessors and other partners involved in the claims handling processes.
  • Streamlined and Intuitive screens will enable operators to offer fast and efficient services to customers
  • Reminders and notes solution in Claims allows operators to keep customers informed at every stage of the claim
  • Cope with Change: Claims system can easily add additional, and concurrent, policy systems to expand claims management throughout your business lines
  • Lower Training Time for operators
  • Easy integration with your legacy policy systems
  • Seamless integration with Context Policy, and integration with other
  • Context modules e.g. CRM, Data Warehouse, as and when you need them

Business User Tools

The Context Business User Tools provides a set of tools that allow both pricing and insurance operations teams to develop, test and build all the insurance products and documents used by the Contemi Context platform.

Key Features:

  • Business can update, test and push to live.
  • Products. New and amend.
  • Tariff updates. Defining price
  • Algorithms and setting price levels and price relativities.
  • UW rules.
  • Create and maintain templates for all documents used by the Context platform using a Microsoft Word plugin
  • Distribution channel

The Context Product Builder allows pricing and insurance operations teams to develop, test and build all the insurance products for use by the Context Policy module.

Some of the features of the suite are:

  • Set up a new, or amend an existing, live product, including:
  • Defining the questions & answers that are to appear on quotation screens
  • Defining the sectioning, order and layout of web pages used in the quotation process.
  • Defining price algorithm per cover, price tables,
  • Setting price levels and price relativities,
  • Defining automatic underwriting rules

The Context Template Builder enables business users to create and maintain templates for all documents used and produced by the Context platform.

The Context Template Builder enables loading of all question tags defined in the Context Product Builder, as well as internal Context system tags, into Microsoft Word.

The builder enables business users to:

  • Easily create documents such as policy documents, customer letters etc.
  • Populate templates with extreme time to market capabilities due to run-time production of live documents.

Analytical Tools

In a soft market, increasing the return on an already stretched portfolio is welcome. There are various strategies to achieve this. Some are dynamic and realtime, and others take a more holistic approach with periodic adjustments to tariffing and customer segmentation. Contemi have solutions to both the above scenarios.

Key Features:

  • Works alongside existing rating engine.
  • Maximises the companies strategic goals in every customer interaction.
  • Utilises real-time information in price optimization.
  • Automated recalibration.
  • Integrates with all statistical software.
  • Secure & Scalable.
  • Reducing costs. Free up analytical resources for other areas.

Price Optimisation Solutions - how we create net bottom line benefits between 1,0% and 4,5% of written premium


PriceBuilder is a sophisticated statistical solution that works alongside your rating engines, using historical customer purchases and price elasticity algorithms to optimise the price presented to your customer. PriceBuilder enables you to price even more intelligently than you do today, tailoring each quote to the individual circumstances of the sale. Using advanced techniques we do not replace traditional actuarial pricing work, but take risk prices as input to find additional profit.


PriceFinder allows an organisation to micro segment their customer base, set a series of KPIs and objectives with respect to sales per segment. Pricefinder will then apply these models to current and on-going sales success and failures. PriceFinder will then advise on tariff adjustments per segment to adjust its performance in line with strategy.

PriceFinder also includes a set of modelling tools to allow you to model “What if” scenarios with respect to segment changes and tariff adjustments.

Data Warehouse

The Contemi Context Datawarehouse brings together claims, policy, accounting and general customer information into all types of daily and period reporting that your business requires in order to have a coordinated view.

Key Features:

  • Automatically updated reports when datawarehouse is reported.
  • Reports accessed via internet/intranet or via e-mail distribution.
  • Automated.
  • Multiple formats.
  • Hierarchical reporting.
  • Scheduling.

Our reporting provides full access to high level management reports and the ability to drill down to detailed current and historical data at the detailed transaction level.

Context reporting is based on Microsoft reporting services, enabling all reports to be updated automatically when Datawarehouse is updated

All reports accessed via internet/intranet or via email distribution.

Hierarchical reporting

Business reports can be designed for specific audiences and access to such reports can be limited based on role

  • Reports are automatically updated overnight ensuring that your managers are basing their decisions on up to date information
  • Reports can be published in many different formats including HTML, PDF, Excel, TIFF or CSV.
  • Access to reports can be made available over intranet or internet, or can be viewed via the CRM module
  • Reports can be scheduled to be exported on a regular basis and also delivered by email

All of these processes are automated and require no intervention from IT staff after setup.